cbd may make sex better

Can CBD Make Sex Better

More than ever, people interested in better sex are turning to CBD, a powerful medicinal compound found in cannabis. If you ask any of the growing numbers of couples who have used CBD to enhance their sexual encounters, you’ll likely receive swooning reviews. The scientific research into CBD backs up the frequent claims by satisfied users that CBD acts as a healing libido-booster for a variety of sexual issues.
Here are the top ways that CBD can make sex better when you incorporate it into your daily regimen.

Reduced Inhibitions

One of the most important features of better sex is intimacy. A close bond is what makes sex with a trusted partner more enjoyable than sex with a random stranger or one night stand. Feeling shy or nervous about sex, out of fear of rejection or other insecurities, is totally normal. When it comes to vocalizing sexual desires to partners, we often self-censor which doesn’t help anyone.

Sex researchers have long studied how to “bridge” communication gaps in interpersonal relationships, break down barriers, and facilitate more complete interactions. Researchers often resort to somewhat extravagant measures of using synthetic psychoactive drugs to help couples explore.

The good news for couples in 2020 is that a simple, all-natural compound in the cannabis plant, CBD, can help you achieve greater communication with your partner and, in turn, make sex better.

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It depends. The 2018 Farm Bill removed industrial hemp from the Schedule 1 list of illegal drugs. Growing the hemp plant is legal but what is done with it is in a gray area.

Vaping/smoking goes directly into the lungs making it the quickest to take effect, within minutes. Tinctures can take about 20 minutes and edibles may take up to two hours. See Ways to Consume CBD

Less Pain

Painful intercourse is a sexual issue that all too many women are familiar with. Because of its potent anti-inflammatory properties, many women find relief with CBD, allowing them to get back to enjoying sex.
A number of causes can trigger pain during sex for women. Injuries to the pelvic region, poor natural lubrication, menopause, latex allergies from condoms, and issues with the ovaries or uterus are just a few of the common causes of painful intercourse. CBD can make sex better by alleviating pain primarily through its anti-inflammatory activity.

Treating Vaginal Dryness

Enjoyable and pain-free sex requires lubrication. Usually, this comes in the form of fluid released by the Bartholin glands situated at the entrance to the vagina. Sometimes, though, the glands do not work properly and the vagina remains “dry” throughout sex.
Many couples find that using a lubricant during sex can enhance the experience for both parties and alleviate any discomfort or pain caused by vaginal dryness. In addition to the therapeutic benefits of oral CBD, many manufacturers now sell CBD lubes that can be used in place of more conventional sexual lubricants.

Boosting Testosterone May Make Sex Better

Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, is crucial to good sex. Levels tend to drop over time as men age, falling by about 1% each year after peak levels experienced around age 20. While scientists previously believed that lower testosterone was an inevitable part of aging, we now know, thanks to new research, that men do not “naturally” lose testosterone as they age. Rather, a number of lifestyle and health choices are associated with the decline.

Men worried about their testosterone levels are relieved to know that boosting them naturally is possible. Nutritional supplementation, regular exercise, and a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night, can naturally increase testosterone levels. Men can also utilize CBD to boost testosterone naturally. Beyond boosting testosterone alone, CBD exerts a regulatory effect on the entire endocrine system, resulting in better overall sexual health.

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How To Use CBD For Better Sex

Increased Sensations

One of the best-studied aspects of CBD supplementation is the increased blood flow and nervous system activity that results in more intense sensations – including sexual pleasure. There are several CBD lubricants on the market that are known to increase blood flow and heighten sensations.

Selecting the Best CBD Products for Better Sex

The most popular CBD products to make sex better, are those containing “full-spectrum” or “broad-spectrum” CBD oil. These two terms mean that all, or nearly all, of the natural composition of the oil remains intact. The presence of all the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids together is generally more effective than CBD “isolate” that only contains CBD. Researchers call this the “entourage effect.”

We have done some research for you on the best CBD products to make sex better. You can also review the companies that produce these products. Take a look and then go directly to the manufacturer to purchase.

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