CBD and sex

How to Use CBD for Better Sex

Maintaining a healthy sexual life with your partner has reverberating effects throughout the relationship. Couples that engage in fun, exciting, satisfying sex stay together longer and form closer bonds. Throughout a relationship, issues come up that might prevent you from reaching the levels of sexual union that you desire.
Learning how to incorporate CBD into your sex lives can afford amazing improvements to a couple’s sex life. If you’re looking for a natural way to enhance the comfort, pleasure, and frequency of sexual encounters with the one you love, CBD has answers.
In this article, we’ll discuss how to use CBD for better sex.

CBD Knowledge Nuggets

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CBD can stay in your system from 48 hours up to one week – or longer.

CBD can affect the cannabinoid receptors in sperm cells and increase the level of testosterone.

There is no evidence that you can overdose on CBD.

All-Natural Lubrication

Of all the uses of CBD, its application as a lubricant is the sexiest. CBD relaxes muscles, limits inflammation, and heightens the sensations of sex. We’ll have more on how CBD stimulates sensations of pleasure later. CBD is a great natural alternative to conventional chemical-based lubricants like Vaseline that frequently cause irritation and other negative reactions.

Vaginal Dryness

As an intoxicating lubricant, CBD is a powerful tool for alleviating vaginal dryness, a condition that many women experience. Dryness is especially common for women who are experiencing menopause, but it can affect healthy women of any age. CBD closely mimics the fluid released by the vagina during foreplay naturally, making it an ideal replacement.

Pain-Free Sex

Sex shouldn’t hurt – except where and how you want it to. Painful intercourse is, unfortunately, a common reason that women stay away from sex, even when they have sufficient desire. Other women simply resign themselves to the problem, viewing painful intercourse as something that must be endured.

The truth is that sex doesn’t have to hurt. CBD, as a potent anti-inflammatory, alleviates painful sex in two ways. First, it acts as a natural lubricant. Second, CBD calms the inflammation around the vaginal wall that is often the culprit of pain during sex.

CBD Nuggets

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Regular use of CBD may enhance your immune system which will help your body fight off any infections.

Vaping leaves an almost unnoticeable cloud on exhale. However, there are still harmful chemicals that may be introduced into the lungs. There are several ways to consume CBD.

Not all drug tests are created the same. If a drug test is specifically testing for THC, an isolate or broad spectrum formulation should not cause a positive result.

Intense Focus

One of the most widely-recognized benefits of CBD supplementation is its use as a nootropic. This is a substance that enhances mental faculties, including focus. People looking for a leg-up in academic pursuits or who are creative and require intense focus add CBD for improved performance. Likewise, sexual partners who indulge in CBD will likely notice a newfound gleam in each other’s eyes that signifies a new level of enhanced focus – perfect for ravishing one another.

Lowered Inhibitions

For many people, vocalizing their sexual desires to partners is difficult. Years of social conditioning in favor of chastity, insecurities, or anxieties can create a stagnant atmosphere without open communication.
Most people know intuitively that the best sex is only possible in a situation where the participants feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed. Anxiety and depression, conditions that CBD is proven to treat, are often major components of performance anxiety. With the help of CBD, you can clear the emotional baggage and make ways for positive emotional connections between you and your partner.
CBD is a proven communication facilitator in relationships. In addition to reaping the benefits of CBD through regular oral supplementation, introduce your partner to a foreplay massage using a CBD-infused lotion to set the mood.

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Heightened Senses

CBD boosts blood flow, both to the brain and throughout the body. This results in greater physical sensations like more thrilling orgasms. Fascinatingly, CBD also boosts sexual arousal. One study found that higher levels of circulating endocannabinoids, CBD and similar compounds caused more intense sexual arousal in women.

If you’re looking to “get in the mood,” you should consider putting down the chocolates and candles in favor of CBD.

On this site, you will find some recommendations for products that can be used to heighten sexual pleasure.

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